DENTAL UPDATES

Our team have been working very hard within the practice for the last few months to ensure that your visits with us will be as safe as possible. We have been busy carrying out staff training, adapting to updated protocols and following new government guidelines. You will find our most recent information at the top of the section below.

**09/08/2021 UPDATE ***

Today, Monday 9th August 2021 we move beyond level 0 in Scotland. Although today marks the end of many of the recent restrictions imposed, we wanted to update you on the Scottish Government's direction for Dental Practices.

Scottish Government have advised that social distancing should REMAIN in place in all dental practices until further notice is given as stated in the quotation below.

"The Scottish Government is currently reviewing the physical distancing requirements for health and social care settings in Scotland. In the meantime until and unless further notified, all primary care providers should continue to follow the current guidelines relating to physical distancing measures."

Our team is eager to see you all! Please be assured that we will be reactive to any updates which will allow us to increase capacity. In the meantime we will continue to triage urgent appointments and update you as the situation changes.

We would all like to thank you for your continued patience and understanding! The Laws Dental Team


*** 07/06/2021 UPDATE ***

The Scottish Government recently made comments at a press briefing that implied that NHS dentistry was 'back to normal'. However this statement requires some clarification!

Whilst we are no longer prohibited from providing any NHS dental services, we are still severely restricted in how we deliver these services.

Social distancing, availability of PPE, and extended cleaning times mean a drastic reduction in the number of patients we can see in a day.

Due to this fact we are still required to triage our patients in order that dental emergencies can be prioritised. This means that when patients phone the practice they will be asked a series of questions by our reception team regarding their dental needs.

The Target the Scottish Government has set dental practices is to be providing 20% of pre-pandemic treatment levels by July 2021. This is a long way from business as usual! . The reality is that NHS dentistry will not be returning to normal anytime soon, but please be assured that we are all trying our absolute best to see as many of our lovely patients as we can!

We will continue to update you all with more information as we receive it and once again would like to thank you all for your continued patience and understanding.

Best wishes,
Graham and the Laws Dental Team


***26/04/2021 UPDATE ***

We hope all of our patients have had a lovely weekend and are feeling positive about the week ahead. We would like to update you all of the current situation in the NHS dental world.

- We are still limited in the number of patients we can see each day so we are continuing to triage appointments. This is to ensure that those who are most in need are given priority. Because of this, we are unfortunately still unable to provide routine examinations and treatment at this time, but will continue to monitor this.
- For our many registered patients who are overdue their routine examinations and treatment from before COVID-19 we will be in touch with you when this becomes available again.
- If you are experiencing extreme dental pain or swelling please call the practice at 8.30am so that we can offer advice or arrange an emergency appointment if required. For any other enquiries, we kindly ask if you can please call after 11am in order to free the phone lines for any emergencies.
- Since the number of appointments are reduced, we apologise that there is limited flexibility with regards to appointment dates, times, and the availability of your regular dentists that we can offer.
- Despite the reduced service we are still as committed to being available to see our lovely patients who require an appointment, but in order to achieve this we are no longer able to register new patients at this time, but this will be reviewed on a monthly basis.

Thank you for all of your patience during this time
Laws Dental😁

***01/02/2021 UPDATE ***

Due to the current lockdown restrictions we are only able to carrying out emergency/urgent treatments. This will be reviewed on a weekly basis. Any changes will be posted on this page and also on our facebook page as soon as possible.

If you do have a severe dental emergency then please contact the practice on 01241 854832 early morning. If your call is not an emergency, we kindly ask that you call after 11.00am in order to free the phone lines for any emergencies. 

Thank you.

*** 02/11/2020 UPDATE ***
The team here at Laws Dental really appreciate your patience over the last 7 months.

As of the 1st of November 2020, NHS dentistry moved into phase 4 of remobilisation, which will allow us to undertake some additional treatment options.

However due to the current social distancing guidelines, we can still only accommodate around 20% of our normal patient numbers each day.

As a result of this we must continue to prioritise emergency dental treatment, meaning that no appointments can be made for routine NHS examinations or treatment at the time being.

Our hope is that as restrictions continue to be lifted, we will be able to start undertaking routine treatment again, allowing us to start dealing with the inevitable backlog!

Thank you again for your continued support and patience, it really is much appreciated.

15/10/2020 UPDATE

We have received a letter from Tom Ferris the Chief Dental Officer of Scotland on October 12th indicating that "NHS Dental Contractors will from Sunday 1st November, be able to provide a full range of treatments to all NHS patients within the practice." He acknowledged in his letter that it will still be necessary to prioritise appointments for those requiring urgent dental care. 

We are yet to receive any further details regarding how and when these treatments will be provided but this will NOT be a return to business as usual! Sadly this is just not possible under the current circumstances.

COVID protection measures to protect the safety of our patients and staff are to remain in place and these measures dramatically impact the level of service we can provide.

On a normal working day at Laws Dental we would see around 100 patients coming into our practice. New regulations at the moment mean that after an aerosol generating procedure the surgery must be left untouched for 1 HOUR before staff can clean down and set up for the next procedure. This unfortunately reduces the number of patients we can see to around 15 patients per day.

We currently have a list of ALL patients who are due treatment and overdue examinations but as you can all imagine, this adds up to nearly all of our registered patients! We are very grateful to all of our patients for your understanding and patience as we adapt to these ever changing circumstances. We will update you all in the near future as soon as we have further clarity.

Aside from the above information, if you do have a dental emergency or any concerns then please call the team on 01241 854832. Please refrain from calling with regards to routine treatment or examinations as we have no further information at this time. 

Thank you again

07/10/2020 UPDATE

No change from 07/09/2020 information below.

14/09/2020 UPDATE
No change from 07/09/2020 information below.

07/09/2020 UPDATE
No change from 14/08/2020 information below. All NHS routine appointments at the moment have been postponed. If you do have a routine appointment booked with us, a member of staff will contact you a day before your appointment to postpone. 

31/08/2020 UPDATE

No change from 14/08/2020 information below.

24/08/2020 UPDATE
No change from 14/08/2020 information below. 

*** 14/08/2020 UPDATE ***

Following further relaxations of the current COVID-19 restrictions imposed by the Scottish Government there have now been some MINOR changes to the NHS care we can provide within the practice. We aim to be able to provide these changes to our patient’s week commencing Monday 17th August (subject to the arrival of appropriate NHS PPE). However, please bare with us whilst we adapt to these new changes as a team.

These minor changes include being allowed to start using drills in the practice again; however this is for NHS emergency care ONLY, for a maximum of 5 patients per day. Sadly, this does not mean we can resume business as usual on the NHS. There are still many restrictions currently in place still preventing us from providing NHS routine care and examinations.

Just to clarify, we can ONLY provide NHS EMERGENCY DENTAL CARE even with the new guidelines being introduced. The practice door will remain locked for staff and patient safety. Please only come to the practice if you have been given an appointment prior by a staff member OVER THE PHONE.

If you have a severe dental emergency please contact the practice on 01241 854832 as early in the day as possible. It is important that patients do not contact the practice with regards to outstanding treatment and routine appointments as we are unable to book any of these appointments at the moment – we will be in touch with all of our patients when this changes.

Due to the NHS guidelines changing so often, we will be in touch with all of our patients who have any upcoming routine appointments to cancel as necessary. We ask that if you do have a general enquiry to please call the practice after 11am to keep the phone lines free for severe emergencies.

Many thanks for all your patience and understanding over the last few months,
Laws Dental Team 


10/08/2020 UPDATE

No updates or changes from 03/08/2020 information.

** 03/08/2020 UPDATE **
Just a note to clarify that, even beyond the 17th August, very little has changed in the treatment we can offer. Following Scottish Government Guidelines we can still ONLY offer urgent dental care.

The aerosol generating procedures (AGPs) we will soon be able to offer in practice will also only be for emergency care only - the ones we have been currently able to book in for at our local urgent dental care centre.

Some press releases have incorrectly stated that we will be allowed to do fillings and crown preparations, this is unfortunately not the case. We can only use AGPs to open up a tooth to dress it or start a root canal treatment, and again only when URGENTLY required.

Our patients and staff safety is of most importance to us and we truly appreciate your understanding in these uncertain circumstances. We will keep you all updated as soon as we know of any future changes that will allow us to begin booking in more routine care.

Please also note that following Nicola Sturgeon's announcement, that ALL routine exam and treatment appointments for August are now being CANCELLED.

In the meantime, we kindly ask that you please DO NOT contact the practice for anything other than dental emergencies, in order to keep our phone lines free for those patients in need of urgent care. 

27/07/2020 UPDATE
No changes from last update - EMERGENCY DENTAL CARE ONLY - however we are still available over the phone for advice Monday - Friday between 8.30am and 5pm. 

20/07/2020 UPDATE
No changes from last update - EMERGENCY DENTAL CARE ONLY - however we are still available over the phone for advice Monday - Friday between 8.30am and 5pm. 

10/07/2020 UPDATE - PHASE 3
After Nicola Sturgeon’s announcement yesterday we will be moving forward into Phase 3 and would like to inform our lovely patients what this actually means with regards to the current services we can provide.


During the announcement it was stated that Dentists will now be able to provide patients with some routine care as of Monday 13th July, along with the emergency dental care we are currently providing.

As it stands we are still unable to provide any aerosol generating procedures (AGP’s) due to the aerosol spray being one of the main transportation of COVID-19. For example, this would prevent us from using any high speed drills down to the simple use of a 3in1 handpiece (the air which is used during your routine 6 month examination). We are currently still awaiting further guidance with regards to Denture work so sadly this is still unavailable but we will update you all as soon as this changes .

In order to carry out a reliable examination the use of the 3in1 air is essential in detecting present caries. Therefore, at present we are unfortunately unable to provide examinations due to the still high risks involved for our patients and staff. Once we have been informed by our governing body that the use of 3in1 air is safe to use we will be in touch with each and every one of you so we ask you all kindly to please not call the practice as we try to keep our phone lines free for severe emergencies .

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our patients again for your patience and understanding during this difficult time for everyone, while we work our hardest to keep you all safe :)

***PRACTICE REOPEN FROM THURSDAY 26th JUNE, 9.00am - 4.30pm*** Our practice has sadly been closed since 24th March so we are very much looking forward to seeing you all again!

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