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Dental Care 

At Laws Dental we offer both NHS and Private Dental Treatment. Treatment plans will be discussed in full at your initial appointment in order to help choose the ideal treatment package for you.

NHS dentistry is provided functional care, whereas private dentistry includes both functional and cosmetic care. As an NHS patient you will always be treated with the same care as our private patients. Cosmetic treatments such as as dental implants, white fillings on back teeth, tooth whitening are not funded by the NHS.

Dental Implants 

We now offer Dental Implants which are provided by Graham Laws, who works alongside a Specialist Implantologist. Free consultations are available for this, and you can make your appointment by calling our team on 01241 854832.

Tooth Whitening 

It is very important that your Tooth Whitening is carried out safely by a Qualified Dental Professional. At Laws Dental we use a high quality professional system provided by NOVON® (White Dental Beauty) which provide various strength which gives and also provides patients clinical freedom to whiten teeth from 30 minutes a day. It also has an active sensitivity management formula, and is provided in eco friendly and biodegradable packaging. Call the practice now to book your free consultation.

Invisalign Orthodontics 

Invisalign is a form of Invisable Orthodontic Treatment and is provided by Ross Munro. Have you ever thought about having braces but are not keen on having the fixed metal type? Invisalign might be for you!
Call the practice now too book your free consultation.

Facial Aesthetics 

Facial Aesthetics is now also on offer at Laws and is provided by Graham Laws, who is fully qualified in Anti-Wrinkle Treatment and also Fillers! There is a free consultation available for this, call our team on 01241 854832 for more information and to make an appointment.


At Laws Dental we thrive in creating a very natural smile for each individual patient. We provide dentures on both the NHS, and a Private basis. For more information please contact the practice. 


Childsmile is a national program designed to improve the oral health of children in Scotland. We are proud to have a registered Childsmile nurse within the practice who would be delighted to give you advice about how to look after your childs teeth.

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